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Mark Walz, Jr

CTO, Co-Founder, and Web Developer. Graduated in May 2011 with a degree in Humanities. Realized that major was useless in June 2011. Works as a elementary math tutor through AmeriCorps as well as a music and P.E. teacher. Loves traveling, technology, writing, news, art, and great food.

Josh Kinney

CEO, co-founder, and publisher of INN, graduated with a degree in journalism and is the current Managing Editor of The Ocean City Sun. A former columnist at Atlantic City Weekly, he interned at The Daily Caller while studying at the Washington Journalism Center on Capitol Hill. He's passionate about creative writing, traveling and prefers to live in a perpetual state of crisis and adventure.

From an age of finite books with endings to a new era of the infinite #internet with only beginnings, we’re living in a time unlike any other.  Since the dawn of the printing press there has never been a time in all of human history where people are as globally connected as they are today.  The greatest tool for free speech, expression and transparency the world has ever known only recently developed in our lifetime.  Despite global economic calamity, our generation is arguably facing an era much like the industrial #revolution, except digital.

It’s the information and free expression insurgency that led to what inspired the idea of #Infinity.  As journalism shifts in this new age of online media, people, companies and governments grapple with something that is in no way physically tangible but rather limitless and permanent: truly infinite.  Not only is this conversation incredibly fascinating, it’s what’s driving the #future.

From newspapers to the Internet to the search for a new creative business model, this generation has truly been at the forefront of transformation.

January 25th 2011 was a day that captured world attention and ignited our interest.  Egypt’s #revolution exploded via social media and for the first time in human history, an uprising unlike anything before it took the spotlight on the global stage.  A #revolution, assembled from social media platforms like #Twitter and #Facebook, broadcast history to the world.  The rapid spread and availability of the Internet brought about a means of transparency and free expression that had never before been experienced especially by a country like #Egypt.  Egyptians awakened to their suppression, amplified their voices, gathered audiences, shared ideas and staged protests via social media.  The spark had been lit. Vigilante hackers like #Anonymous took to activism, removing oppressive government websites and hacking dictators personal accounts.  Anonymous and cyber debate went on to become a topic of much greater significance as the future unfolded.  From corporate and government corruption made #transparent to #activism against cyber legislation like SOPA, the world stage had been seized by people using #technology for #transparency and free expression.

Inspired by this new era of Internet revolution and online media, an idea was hatched to harness some of the power of the Almighty Internet and seize upon divine opportunity.  Surely it’s one thing to rep a company but quite another to use personal creativity to start one.  So on January 25th 2012, a year after Egypt’s initial revolution, an idea was birthed for Infinity News Network: an independent social news website and blog covering what’s driving and shaping the global conversation with an emphasis on #technology, #transparency and #uprisings as well as game-changing activism and stories of significance that would otherwise go #unreported.

Committed to providing the public with fascinating breaking news, thought-provoking as well as fun #commentary, and original reporting, Infinity is a cutting-edge social media enabled site that invites visitors to more easily share and comment on stories using their various online profiles, or anonymously if they choose. We really like it. Alot.

Infinity hopes to eventually bring in a talented, like-minded staff of writers that are zealous about 21st century journalism and someday establish a home base in Washington, D.C. We’re tired of the age old #red and #blue wars and more interested in a refreshing new outlook, global perspectives and a new era of Internet media. With an earnest aim to give the news impartially, without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect or interests involved, Infinity hopes to bring you not only the revolution but news that hones in on what’s driving the global conversation.

We also believe that someone can be partisan, an opinion journalist, and still believe that they have a high obligation to be fair to those with whom they disagree.  Therefore, we welcome you to write for us, whether it be a blog, opinion piece or a news story, this is an open invitation to have your voice heard.

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Because many of the world’s problems don’t come from corrupt government, oppression, or the forced absence of something inalienable, they come from not understanding each other. The world would be a better place if we didn’t become one another but understood and respected.  “Misunderstanding arising from ignorance breeds fear, and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace,” – Lester B. Pearson.

Infinity, because without knowledge, we’re no better than the primates we supposedly evolved from.

Mark Walz, Jr. | Infinity News Network