The Flaw No One Ever Adresses but Everyone Should…

The Flaw No One Ever Adresses but Everyone Should…

Here’s a thought for you to chew on: financial responsibility.  When is the right time to teach it to your children? When is the right time to learn yourself?  It would seem as though in this day and age, more than half of Americans do not understand financial responsibility, which has helped lead us to the road of financial ruin that we’re steamrolling down as we speak.

Did you know that only four states make it a requirement to take a class on fiscal responsibility or a class that teaches “economics” in order to graduate? How is that possible? How is it that what’s supposedly the greatest powerhouse in the world requires nothing of the sort? We’re said to be the land of the free and prosperous, but  we’re bogged down by debt and bad mortgages because we didn’t know what to look for when we signed those documents that were left unexplained. And let’s be real, the person servicing that bad mortgage had no intention of ever telling us that it’s actually a terrible idea to sign it.

It’s so essential at a young age to learn how to manage your money properly instead of having to learn the hard way. It’s not just about having a fiscally responsible budget but planning for the future. How many people in the 18-25 range actually know what a Roth IRA is? Chances are, not many. But at age 21, if one were to put in the minimum balance of a mere $50.00 a month, and not touch this fund until age 65, they would have garnered up $280,000 at just the bare minimum requirement. And none of this is taxed by the U.S. government. Yes, that’s right, if all the requirements are met for this, when the money is removed, it cannot be taxed under U.S. law. A retirement fund that you will actually see. We all know none of us will ever see our Social Security money that most of us pay into every month. You can say adios to that. But a Roth IRA is just one of the many options you have, to save for a future.

What about student loans? How many of us that are now into our 30’s still owe tons of money?  No one taught us about that either. And no one showed  us the array of thousands of scholarships and grants available instead of heinous student loans. Today, the only way to find out about that is by asking your counselor, if, that is, you can get an appointment. And that’s the flaw of it all. Schools are so overcrowded and our education system has been so overrun and rundown that the priorities have become misconstrued and lost.  The basic important fundamentals vital to survival in this day and age are getting completely forgotten.

How many of us would love to buy a home or car? Loans with interest, APR, low down payment, all of it is foreign to most college aged students and even many middle-aged adults. Fancy words and numbers are accompanied with going to a car dealership or a bank to take out a loan.  Many people don’t realize that they can shop around for loans and easier financing. But many still won’t  know about any of this because the education system has failed.

In the state of California it is required to take four years of a history in order to graduate.  Instead, why not take three years and then an additional year of the history of why this country is failing miserably? Is it because we cannot take care of our education system or fight for our future or know how to survive in the real world? So many of us graduate high school and jump right into college without so much as a thought to fiscal responsibility or a know how to balance even a minuscule checkbook.  Then reality sets in, leaving many scared and lost.

We rely on the education system to teach us the skills not only to survive in school but in the real world as well, and now, our education system has failed.  We are not faring much better in the department of helping ourselves succeed.  How can we if we don’t fight for what we need to survive or even care until it’s too late? We can’t go running back to mommy and daddy for help because chances are, the education system failed them 30 years ago and they don’t know much more other than what they learned the hard way through the years.

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  1. Robert C. Donahue
    Robert C. Donahue4 years ago

    oh please! it is the government that has out done it self and got us into allt his debt! not the people!

  2. Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones4 years ago

    Robert, yes you are correct, but who’s fault is it for putting the people in office responsible for it? Us. We sit here and twiddle our thumbs and wait for the government to provide for us, we’re nothing but lazy pigs who rely on their farmers to feed them their daily slop. Instead of standing up and changing things, and I’m sorry, but it’s our own fault. We have no desire to learn from past mistakes it would seem nor the desire to succeed anymore because the government hands us everything we could possibly need, and if it’s not available, well, THERE’S A PROGRAM FOR THAT. That’s the simple fact of the matter. We’ve become lazy and careless.

  3. Ali Rashada
    Ali Rashada4 years ago

    The REAL Flaw people are not talking about!

    As the title implies, the flaw is so well known that a saying about it has existed for generations, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.
    First a very simple example of the flaw at work:
    Imagine if everyone started out the game of Monopoly with NO money.  The debt occurred at just moving around the board would make it almost impossible to do anything else. Now to make it more representative of our present planetary situation, imagine if 2 players started out with all the property and 80 percent of the money already divided up amongst themselves, and the remaining eight  players started with no money.
    Look at the lives of most people on this planet, and tell me the difference.
    Now, let me first explain this without any villains. If you were able to travel back to the perioid in time when America’s currency was created, you could choose to have nothing to do with it, and instead go out west and at the very least carry buckets of clean water back to your camp, hunt and fish in clean lakes or rivers for food, and if you had the skill – catch, skin, and eat animals; then use or barter or sell whatever skins and leftovers you had.
    Today, there is not one square inch of land in the United States where you can remove anything – soil, mineral, plant, or animal without first paying someone – money.
    You cannot be born, die, or obtain food or shelter without giving someone – money.
    Since it is illegal to make your own money, you must obtain money from authorized sources, in authorized ways. Which means someone must either give you money for nothing, (normally this only happens with family, or the handicapped, or severely disadvantaged), or you must perform a task, for which someone agrees to pay a certain amount of money.
    A person MUST sell themselves in our modern world, because all other previous avenues of survival are owned and sold, with even hunting, fishing, or camping on “public” land requiring a license that costs money. You must even have money to buy identification to legally  prove who you are.
    Of course this flaw doesn’t stop the system from continuing, but… is it fair, or necessary?
    I have refrained from mentioning the villains, but I would say you will know them by observing who wants to change things, and who wants things to remain the same. Those who are happy being able to buy and sell people, deciding the price, duration, and terms of the contact will lie, and cheat, and fight to continue to the bondage. Those who are tired of the lack of choice and freedom, because of money, hopefully will act to change the rules.  It’s time to  forget about race, or religion, or sex, and decide that everyone must be treated fairly and honestly with the same opportunities, rights, and rules.
    Some would argue that  the next obvious step is to present a solution to this identified flaw; but I would answer that I have not done so for a very good reason. Presenting a solution at this step allows the villains to attack and belittle it, distracting attention away from the problem. When we can all agree that it does truly exist, and needs to be remedied, then it will be time to advance.
     One final note: It is important to understand that the laws and rules governing the use of money and property have always been determined and written by those who already possess the most of it. There are NO law makers who live on minimum wage, or have no health care. Does the average worker really have the ability to negotiate their employment or give themselves raises, or holidays?

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