Human Rights Activist Arrested in Bahrain

Human Rights Activist Arrested in Bahrain

Bahraini authorities have arrested Nabeel Rajab, the rights activist and foremost critic of the Al Khalifa regime. It comes as the country’s military continues its brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Nabeel Rajab, the president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights was detained at Bahrain’s international airport on his return from Lebanon.

The authorities have not commented on the reasons behind the arrest.

Rajab has played a significant role in anti-regime demonstrations over the past months. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights has been focused on attracting attention to the crackdowns on demonstrators and abuses by Bahraini security forces. Rajab also was affiliated with international groups such as Human Rights Watch.

For fourteen months Al Khalifa forces have been using stun grenades, tear-gas and pepper-spray on protesters, though this was not enough to draw the attention of Western media. It only came into the spotlight because of the protests surrounding the prestigious F1 Grand Prix event.

To say the least, the events in Bahrain have received way less coverage than other Arab protests. Some point out the main reason for this is that the US Fifth Fleet is based in the strategic country.

On Tuesday RT will broadcast Julian Assange’s show “The World Tomorrow” featuring Nabeel Rajab.

Strikingly, the activist told Assange he has already been detained, kidnapped and beaten due to his sharp criticism of the regime.

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