Russian Federation Attempts to Breach #INN

Apparently, if you expose truth about the Russian Government and Vladimir Putin there’s no telling what consequences you might face. For #INN the result was an attempted breach by an IP address that we tracked back to the Russian Federation.

The breach was unsuccessful, thanks to Infinity’s amazing tech department. It has, however, lead to the beefing up of security to #INN, and a careful monitoring of foiled attempts to gain access to our site. The attempted hack occurred while Infinity was undergoing what became an unscheduled site maintenance, during a time in which our editor-in-chief was in Africa.

Above all, the breach attempt has given us a feeling of inspiration, knowing that the truth we have exposed about the Russian government and Putin himself stifling democracy in Russia was revealing enough to  warrant an attempted cyber attack.

There is no evidence to suggest that Putin or any member of the Russian government was directly behind or linked to the attempted breach of our site. Although, considering the IP address was traced back to the Russian Federation, specifically from an apartment complex in St. Petersburg, and the fact that we at #INN have published countless stories on Russian protesters and the arrests of groups like the honorable Russian punk band Pussy Riot, it is safe to say that a Russian government agent or supporter was behind the foiled attack.

There is an unspoken code amongst hackers, especially groups like Anonymous and LulzSec that suppressing democracy and the freedoms of speech and press that it encompasses is unacceptable. The #INN team have covered hacking groups such as these for years. We have always reported their actions favorably because we believe in what they stand for, and we have made numerous contacts, sources, and friends within the groups along the way. We have never imagined that we would have to summon these contacts for our own protection, and we still hope we never will.

Infinity has done nothing but report facts and truth as well as commentary, in the hopes that justice will prevail around the globe. We desire to see the righteous prosper and the wicked suffer. If that warrants an unsuccessful cyber attack by the Russian Federation what does that say about the current Russian government?

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  1. Youranus
    Youranus4 years ago

    Probably has nothing to do with russia, and probably a lot more to do with a bored kid. if Russia wanted this site down, ti would be very much DOWN right now. and your families would probably be running for the hills right now. thankfully, you didn’t really EXPOSE anything… cause honestly, you guys are all nuts.

    • Brian Hedemark
      Brian Hedemark4 years ago

      I’ve known these two for years, and the word “nuts” doesn’t describe them at all.  They’re providing their opinion on the evidence available to them and pointed out instances where speaking out has brought harm to those who live there.  Put down the spy movies, the secret police won’t be banging down your door no matter how much you raise your voice Putin. 

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