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A member of hacker group Anonymous has told The Yomiuri Shimbun it waged a series of cyber-attacks against government websites, and warned the attacks will continue until a law stipulating stiffer punishments for illegal downloading is revised or withdrawn.

The hacker also claimed that Japanese were involved in the attacks, which have so far been limited to government-related websites.

The interview took place Thursday at an Anonymous website used for exchanging information concerning the “Operation Japan” attack. The hacker claimed to be one of the site’s nine administrators who decide whether to attack and what the targets will be.

Asked why the group launched the attacks, the hacker said, “the new law with the illegal downloads,” a reference to the recent enactment of the revised Copyright Law that made illegal downloads punishable by up to two years in prison.

Concerning further attacks, the member said: “We will continue for as long as this law still exists. Or, until it is changed.”

The member said Anonymous learned of the revision because “Stuff gets around. I am pretty sure there has been articles and such online.” Asked whether news of the revision came from an inside source, the member said, “I don’t think it came from an Anonymous member.”

Claiming that a law that sends people to jail for downloading a few pieces of music is unfair, the member said, “We decided something needs to be done.”

The member revealed that 200 to 300 members took part in the attack, and said some were based in Japan.

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