An Independence Day Message from #INN

The Infinity team wishes all of our loyal visitors in America a very happy July 4th.

We are now just a little over two months old and we cannot thank you enough for the incredible experience you have helped make this project. Infinity sees itself as something far more than just a news website and blog, but rather a particular mindset that is focused on Internet Freedom, free speech and expression and a global transparency centered on personal freedom, liberty and most of all, something that’s lacking in corporate and government agenda driven mainstream media:


One can see why we hold July 4 as an imperative day to be celebrated. However, we will not sugarcoat the facts. We believe that the noble idea that was once America is no longer. Essential elements to democracy have been muddled, corrupted and attacked. We believe that much of this comes from a media that is more focused on corporate investments, ratings and specific political agendas.

The land of the free has become dangerously uninformed in an age of mass information. We have become ignorant to the outside world yet make no conscious effort to let it affect us or the way in which we do things. If we don’t acknowledge the impact our nation has on others, it isn’t affecting anybody but ourselves. And that’s what has happened… a country that has become so self consumed it has isolated itself from the rest of the world.

America, founded on protest and uprising, demanding freedom, liberty and independence, now has much to learn from places like Egypt and movements like the Arab Spring. Our political, economic and even system of media may be broken, but there is hope.

A new generation of young people, globally united by the Internet, are using the greatest tool for free speech, expression and transparency the world has ever known to change the world. Democracy is being promoted in places it needs it most, revolutions are being started in the name of liberty and free expression, and America, the embodiment of all of this, is at a point in its history when it truly needs a second revolution: a revolution of media, politics as well and attitude.

We at #INN love America, that is why we are so adamant about pointing out the mistakes and wrong turns the country has made because we truly know that we can do better. We realize we would not be free to write a piece such as this without persecution in other countries, and for that we are thankful we are Americans. However, we feel the question needs to be asked: When so many other people in countries around the world are fighting and dying for freedom, why are we, the last best hope of mankind, running away from it?

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