Kim Dotcom Shows Support for #INN

[media-credit name=”Kim Dotcom” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Megaupload founder and political prisoner of America, Kim Dotcom showed his support for Infinity yesterday by tweeting one of the news stories we featured on our website.

Deemed a hero and an Internet legend by many free expression activists and Internet freedom advocates, Dotcom has taken to Twitter to voice his thoughts and opinions about the FBI raid on his file-sharing website, Megaupload.

Dotcom is a German Finnish businessman who has been granted permanent residency in New Zealand. The Megaupload company that he founded is a Hong Kong based business that offered free file sharing. The American government, pressured by millions from anti-piracy lobbyists hired by major corporations, decided that it was their right to prosecute Dotcom because they claim American copyrights were broken.

As Infinity has written before,

Megaupload is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or the DMCA. The DMCA is an American copyright law passed in October of 1998 to combat Internet copyright infringement, while protecting online service providers, or OSPs from liability for copyright infringement by their users.

This means the law was passed to stop copyright infringement but protect websites like YouTube from being prosecuted for copyright infringement because of videos and audio posted by their users.  There are certain guidelines that a website must adhere to in order to be protected by the DMCA. The first is that they must remove any content that is brought to their attention that is in violation of a copyright. Since there were no cease and desist letters or legal letters sent to Dotcom or Megaupload before his surprise arrest, the company complied with the first guideline.

The second is a provision that protects OSPs from liability if their users claim the material that was uploaded does not violate copyrights. Since Megaupload had a warning on their site about copyrighted material, and asked users before uploading if the content violated copyrights they also adhered to this guideline.

Wasting a ridiculous amount of time and money on the case against Dotcom, the relentless government of the United States continues attempts to extradite.

The U.S. is running into trouble and it’s looking as if Dotcom is going to be the victor in this case. In a world ridden with crime, corruption, terrorism and zombie attacks, an elaborate arrest that involved special units and helicopters and police officers being lowered from ropes through the skylights of Dotcom’s mansion while carrying assault rifles pointed at the Internet innovator and his pregnant wife surely seems absurd.

Dotocm has said that he believes Vice President Joe Biden ordered the Megaupload raid and points to publicly available White House visitor logs that show Biden had met with heads of the film industry. However, both the U.S. government and Hollywood deny Biden had any involvement.

Infinity appreciates the support from Dotcom and will continue to follow closely as the Megaupload saga unfolds.


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