Coal Miners Protest in Madrid

Thousands of Spanish coal miners have descended on Madrid in protest against cuts to subsidies as the country’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, announces a hike in taxes.

The miners, many of whom have been on indefinite strike since May, have marched on the capital from numerous coalfaces in the Asturias and Leon regions in the north of the country, some marching as far as 250 miles in three weeks.

The so-called ‘Black March’ comes as prime minister Rajoy is attempting to push through some of the harshest budgetary cuts in the eurozone, which will see subsidies for coal miners slashed drastically.

On Tuesday night, the miners converged in the Puerta del Sol, the Spanish capital’s most iconic square, and the same location where significant anti-austerity protests were held last year.

Preceding the demonstration, workers clashed with riot police in the northern areas of Spain, with rubber bullets fired by police and home made rockets shot back at police, while roads and railways were blocked by burning barricades.

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