#INN Signs Internet Freedom Declaration

It’s now official. Infinity News Network has been added to list of signers of the newly formed Declaration of Internet Freedom.

Believing that the Internet being kept in the hands of the people is certainly worth fighting for, the declaration urges an international movement to defend web freedom.

The campaign, created and organized by FreePress.net  is building what it describes as a powerful nationwide movement to change media and technology policies, promote public interest and strengthen democracy.

Already, the Declaration has had a number of notable signatures including the American Civil Liberties Union, (A.C.L.U.), Mozilla, Reporters Without Borders, Amnesty International, Reddit and now officially, Infinity News Network.

Infinity is proud to be a part of such an idea because it is not tied to any ideological, political or corporate agendas; rather it’s a creative and open discussion, the beginning of a global revolution to defend the web.

The Internet has done something monumental in human history: uniting and connecting the world through communication, free expression and transparency. As with anything, there are those who abuse the Internet for wrongdoing, but the power of innovation, creativity and free expression in the hands of ordinary people is something that should be promoted and defended at all costs.

The dawn of a new revolution is underway with a global constitution being drafted. The world is Independence Hall, and its signers are its citizens.

It is the information and free expression insurgency that led to what inspired the idea of Infinity.  As journalism shifts in this new age of online media, people, companies and governments grapple with something that is in no way physically tangible but rather limitless and permanent: truly infinite.  Not only is this conversation incredibly fascinating, it’s what’s driving the future.

From an age of finite books with endings to a new era of the infinite Internet with only beginnings, we’re living in a time unlike any other.

Please share the Declaration with as many people as you can; friends, family, companies and governments. Together let’s spur free and open Internet, innovation and free expression onward.


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