WikiLeaks Reveals Syria’s Western Pals

Just days after the first Syria Leaks are trickling through, since the 5th of July, 2012, Al Bawaba brings you up to speed with the most salient files so far. Wikileaks’ latest dispatch of emails, dated from August 2006 til March 2012, have been allocated the unique label “Syrian Files” by the notorious champions of electronic transparency.

The trusty Wikileaks website promises to release their treasure trove of emails over the next couple of months, which include more than 2 million sent emails, belonging to Syrian officials from private and public sector. The files come in many languages, among them 400,000 emails are Arabic and 68,000 emails are Russian.

While masses more are still due, and we might eventually end up swimming in Syria leaks, we launch this latest ‘dump’ in bite-sizes, bringing you the first batch of incisive findings in one user-friendly picture-slide panel. See above.

Revelations and findings

Beyond mystery ladies, cousins and Shabiha torture-mongers, there are tales of friendly commerce between outward enemies and ‘Voguing’ or wife-promotion.

If Bashar al Assad’s image is beyond damage-control now, it’s not to say he didn’t recruit assistance earlier on in his struggle against his people and the media.  Assad has been quite assiduous about his image in the past and has not let him self go completely, without calling upon his spin-doctor and friend in the United States. As the Assads continued to maintain trade agreements with Western outfits, they didn’t want to let sanctions come between business pacts. International sanctions to them spelt just a problem with the supply chain at times. Contrary to western official lines, which preach the need to isolate the regime, there is an evident lack of will to end profitable commercial bonds.

From the latest breached files, it would seem that the axis of friends for the Assads lies more in Italy, Britain and the US, less Hezbollah, Iran, Russia. These Syria files heavily implicate the Syrian regime as being happily ensconced with their Western buddies for image cosultation, communication infiltration, and even for building the ‘house beautiful.’

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