Goodbye Old Servers!

We at the #INN team would like to say we are sorry. Those are words that no one has ever enjoyed saying, and we hoped we would never have to say. We launched Infinity News Network to give the world a reliable source of news that covered the issues driving the world; stories the mainstream news sites weren’t touching, and that used the latest technology and social media to enhance the news experience for our readers. We failed you in this when the site had to be shut down for an entire week because of our server problems.

When we launched #INN we knew our original servers would be temporary and that they would have to be addressed eventually, especially as our audience grew and our traffic increased. It was our hope that after a month or two we could transition easily to new servers that would be better than anything we would ever need and able to handle immense amounts of Internet traffic.

We took the site down for a weekend in hopes to make the transition while news was slow as it usually is on weekends. Sadly, our purchase of new server space was put on hold to protect against identity fraud and needed to be verified, so we relaunched the site still using the old servers in the hopes of bringing our readers a week of news and trying again the next weekend. However, our old servers just did not want to work any longer. This was due to the site taking off almost immediately after its launch, which we had hoped for and thought we had prepared for, along with the server company being way worse than we ever could have imagined. The #INN team was working endless hours trying to keep the site up to date, and continue to stand for truth and justice in the news world, but the site was crashing for our many loyal fans. Therefore, we did the only thing we could and kept the site down while we awaited the new servers and the site transition.

We had planned to reveal the name of the company who hosted the servers that from day one had come with nothing but bugs and crashes, but like our new television idol Will McAvoy of the HBO series The Newsroom, we do not like “take-down” pieces. Instead we would like to take all of the blame for the site crashing. It is our job to make sure we have the very best technology, the very best servers, and to make sure that we are bringing all of you the news; the news you aren’t hearing on CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS or any of the other big news corporations.

Now that our servers are fixed and ready to take on the exciting amounts of traffic we were getting before the crash, we would like to leave you by making a promise, that never again will we fail our fans and supporters like this again. The new servers are extremely fast. They have improved the site immensely. The time off has also given us time to brainstorm new ways to make the site more enjoyable to our users, reach more people with our stories, and fight for the causes we believe so strongly in. How exactly? Well, you will have to stick around and see. All we can tell you is that we will be a site that you can rely on, not only to be working properly, but to be uncompromising in our resolve of exposing exactly what is wrong with this world and fighting for what is right. We would like to thank all of you who have stuck by us through this difficult time, and all of you who have made it known that you missed us in our absence. It lets us know that we are on to something good and something important. It has encouraged us to get the site up and running again and has inspired us to continue down the path we were heading.

Thank you all,

The Infinity Staff


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