Mass Murderer to Attend London Olympic Games

When we think of the Olympic Games we normally think of the world coming together in peace and prosperity to compete with one another. We think of athletes who have spent four years training for one shot at glory. Never do we think of those who are committing, aiding, and profiting off of genocide being involved in the games. That thought would and should horrify the world. But this is exactly what is happening at the 2012 London Olympics with steel tycoon and arms dealer Vladimir Lisin splitting his time between acting as the Vice President of the Russian Olympic Committee and shipping deadly arms to the Syrian regime to be used against the rebel groups in Syria.

More than 19,000 Syrians have been killed since the uprising began and fighting continues to kill more every day. Despite this horrifying number, Russia continues to back the Syrian regime who is killing off its own people, and Vladimir Lisin continues to provide the Syrian regime with the arms it needs to commit these acts.

The international community needs to send a message to the Olympic Committee to let them know this is unacceptable and tarnishes the names of the Olympics to have a mass murdered, or someone who has assisted in mass murder, as a representative of the Russian Olympic team. More importantly the international community must send a message to Russia that it is unacceptable to continue to support a murderous regime in Syria, and unacceptable to provide them with means to exterminate their own people.

Russia needs to be sent a message, and banning one of their Olympic Committee members from the games because he has blood on his hands is a good start. They need to know there are repercussions, and will continue to be repercussions for supporting genocide. Let’s show them that the international community is taking a stand against them.

Tell the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games to ban Lisin from attending the games and to send a message to Russia to stop supporting genocide by signing the petition of United to End Genocide

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  1. Kit
    Kit4 years ago

    Ok, so we’ve gone from a headline stating that a mass murderer is attending the games, to an article that conceeds that he only “assisted in mass murder” and facts that demonstrate that he is only indirectly involved. Journalism has died, as headlines are now simply about getting clicks, and are often completely baseless in relation to the facts of the story.


    • Anonymous
      Anonymous4 years ago

       It is true that you have to make your headlines interesting enough to click, it’s absolutely true. No one will click on “indirectly assisted in genocide..” etc. however, it CAN’T be a lie. And 19,000 Syrians are dead, direct or indirect, he helped supply the weapons that did this. Was Osama Bin Laden not a mass murderer? Sure, he didn’t personally physically kill 3000 people on 9/11 but he and his associates were responsible. I consider Vladimir Lisin a mass murderer, and there is nothing misleading about that

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