Now Entering…the Bullfighting Ring…

Riddle me this, are we watching vicious high school girls fight back and forth, or is it actually supposed to be intelligent men vying for your vote in the November elections? At this point, what’s the difference? The ad war campaign has virtually jumped to standards that have us scratching our heads. Romney is now apparently a murder and a felon according to a pro-Obama Super PAC ad which suggested that Romney’s business practices led to the death of a woman steelworker who had been laid off and later died of cancer.

And yet President Obama denied on national television that he ever approved or stated those facts in his ads. How is this possible? How is this not attacking on such a personal level? Are the Super-PACs’ truly a separate entity campaigning for these politicians?

Obama has also since said that it was not possible for Romney to have killed this woman, but the sheer fact that it was stated and assumed, and allowed to air on national television, is certainly ruthlessly immature, manipulative and disgraceful. There comes a time when a line must be drawn, and I believe the Obama Super PAC has crossed that line. The Romney Super PAC’s negative ads also add to the bullfighting between the candidates, but none as cruel and on such a personal level of attack as the one that speaks of Romney being a “murderer.”

At the end of his 2008 campaign, Obama swore  the negative ad war was over, that it would exist no more. And here we are in 2012, engaged in one of the nastiest, gutless ad wars the American people have seen in years. These attacks are personal and hit so hard and close to home for so many people. Many are annoyed and outraged at how these Super PACs’ have handled this. Voters are now forced to try and sift through the lies and nasty remarks on these ads to try and discern and make a fair judgement on who they’d like to lead their country. This is not very easy to do with such rancid distracting ads flooding television and computer screens. It’s a disturbing thing we’ve come to trying to win over votes and voters. History will only continue to repeat itself as long as we let it.


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