NYPD Aids Occupy Wall Street Mission

[media-credit id=14 align=”alignleft” width=”169″][/media-credit]Today at the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, the movement became just that: a movement. As protesters disbursed from the original meeting place outside the New York Stock Exchange and moved to side streets to block traffic and pedestrian use of the sidewalks surrounding wall street, the police, as always, tried to take command of the situation.

Pushing protesters to the sidewalk and out of  the streets, and arresting those who did not comply took back command of the streets. The only problem was that they themselves began to occupy the streets. With Occupiers surrounding them on all sides, the police were the ones occupying the intersection between Pine and Nassau in Manhattan’s financial district. Not allowing any traffic (whether it was cars or pedestrians) through the streets or across intersections, the NYPD helped the Occupy Movement complete one of its many goals: to disrupt traffic.

As businessmen and women worked their way through crowds finally reaching the street corner, they were irritated and annoyed to find out that they too were not allowed to cross the street to get to work, and had to travel back through the crowds and find a different route.

This was all to the delight of the Occupiers, whose goal was to cause havoc and mayhem for these very people; to punish them for what the movement deems to be corruption, immorality, and greed. The more Wall Street and bank employees who were late to work or annoyed with traffic and roadblocks the better in the eyes of the protesters. And there were certainly a ton of people being diverted on their way to work, as police shut down entire streets for blocks at a time in a game of cat and mouse with the scattered protesters.

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