The Jones Report Pt. 2: Fear Not, Stand Up!

It’s time. It’s about fucking time the mainstream media grew some balls and stopped fearing the government like the rest of us “lowly” reporters holding onto the truth. I mean that’s what journalism is actually about right? Seeking the truth, even if it kills you?  In recent light of these gargantuan scandals over the past few weeks, from the IRS targeting people and groups opposing the administration, the Department of Justice spying on journalists, the very blatant Benghazi cover-up and now the NSA collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers on a daily basis and the U.S. government secretly mining user data from Internet giants, the mainstream media has finally stepped up and said “No more. This is enough!” We watched as White House Press Secretary Jay Carney got absolutely demolished by the press, left without answers, because he knew he was fucked. The Obama administration has screwed up for the last time. And it’s time, the public learned the truth; not what the government wants you to know.

As a journalist, it’s your sworn oath to seek the truth and to bring it out into the open, no matter how grim the details are, or how much you don’t believe in it. You are morally obligated to do so. It’s the core, fundamental principle of what we do, it’s what keeps a democracy a democracy. It is our duty to be transparent, accountable, and open. For we are the voice that keeps others informed. If we are wrong, we admit fault, if we know something someone else doesn’t want the public to know, it’s still our duty to tell the public, no matter how much hate comes our way, and we are open to new ideas and other views. Fear of punishment does not falter us, nor does the thought of being silenced. We shall not be deterred from our path of rightful, truthful news. We uncover what the government hides from you daily, we give the citizens a reason to have a voice and a vote in their community. People don’t just look to us for the news, but the real honest to God truth.

Over the past five years I’ve watched the Obama administration slowly strangle the media. We used to be a great community, always willing to fight tooth and nail for the story and the truth. Now, we roll over dead and report whatever we’re told by the government. What kind of bullshit reporting is that? It’s not only wrong, it’s God damn lazy. There is nothing worse than a lazy reporter who waits for someone to hand them a story with exactly what they can and can’t say about it, and the command that no further research is needed nor can be put into the story. Journalists and reporters are threatened with blackmail daily should they post something other than what they’re told, or say something wrongful on national television. It’s time that stopped. It’s time that journalists and reporters all around take a stand, grow a pair, and tell the government to fuck off. As we speak, and as I write this, you can bet your sorry ass I’m being monitored and so are the ones that are reading this. This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s been proven and even admitted. But have no fear…I want them to see this. I want every single person in America to see this, and the insurmountable suppression taking place on the daily. We are an independent news site, the four of us, run this on our own time, and dollar, and we still manage to always get the truth, and we don’t stop until we do. We’re the first ones to say, we will go down trying and fighting to the death, to always give you the truth.

This is your call to arms journalists, reporters, and even the general public. Stand up and fight this. DO NOT let the government run your life. Do not let the fear overtake you, and keep you from seeking the truth, in everything.

And to the Orwellian surveillance state that has most likely flagged this post, please, kindly go fuck yourself. Keep tabs  on me, on us. Go for it. At least we’re willing to stand up and fight for what we believe in, a country that was founded on revolution. We’re not afraid and we’re not doing anything illegal thing, as per the constitution. Or is that outlawed as well now, too?

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  1. Jeff Jacobsen
    Jeff Jacobsen3 years ago

    I hope this gets to you Brianna. I like the fire in your story! Shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance and we can aggravate some NSA flunkies for a bit!

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