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Lake Michigan Coast Guards

The Tragedy on Lake Michigan

Officials report about a tragic event that happened to a married couple from Illinois. It is reported that the couple died while diving at Lake Michigan on Friday.

The Coast Guard reported a submersible vehicle with a woman on board who did not respond to signals. When rescuers got to a boat and reached the woman, their initial assumption was confirmed — the woman was dead.

The deceased was identified as a 53-year-old Susan Winn. Her husband, 53-year-old James Wynn, is considered missing. The couple enjoyed diving, and that day, they planned to dive off the coast of Wisconsin on Friday.

The Coast Guard found difficulty in locating James because he was likely a couple of feet underwater.

However, on Friday evening and Saturday morning, the authorities continued their search off the coast of South Milwaukee. They used all possible means in their arsenal to search for the missing diver. Unfortunately, search parties were unsuccessful; therefore, at this moment, James Wynn is believed to be dead.

It’s unclear what exactly was the cause of this tragedy since the couple was considered to be experienced divers. 

In the face of this unfortunate event, the Coast Guard reminds all divers to be cautious and always have a plan when entering the water. They advise the divers to make sure that someone is aware of their voyage and knows the exact time when they plan to dive.

As for the drowned couple, their death will be investigated further.

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