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Eau Claire Residents

Eau Claire Residents May Be Left Without a Roof Over Their Head

Due to problems with the sewers, some Eau Claire residents may be left without a roof over their head. and might even be forced to move to some other districts, like Madison or even Milwaukee.

When you walk through the Maples Mobile Home Park, you can now see sewer waste on the ground. On top of that, the houses of residents are too close to each other, and their roofs are decrepit.

Journalists investigating this story were shocked by the condition the houses are in. But no matter what, the residents do not want to leave their homes. Most of them have no other place to live.

Locals assume that the causes of these issues are the age of the sewer pipes beneath them. They added that they’re completely unaware of whether some of those pipes were faulty and are preparing for the worst. 

The health department is worried about the sewage that is right on the ground. In their opinion, this can bring great harm to the environment and the health of the residents.

There was hope among the locals of resolving the conflict when on Tuesday, the local authorities decided to conduct a smoke test to find broken pipes or leaks that may or may not be connected to the public sewer service.

However, seven locals reported that their home did not pass. If the homes of these residents are not repaired before Tuesday, their houses will get a placard warning that they are not safe for living. In that case, these people will be forced to leave their homes.

One of the residents claims that the local authorities did not even turn to her to offer any help or try to resolve the situation.

Although all the locals are unanimous in that repairing the sewage system can be difficult, they are still in search for a plumber who’s up to the task.

Scott Allen, director of community development in the city of Eau Claire, claims that they are doing their part to find plumbing experts who can solve the plumbing situation.Meanwhile, the locals are doing everything in their power to save their homes and hope that the situation is temporary.

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