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Science Street Art

Scientific Street Art May Be a New Thing in Madison, According to Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, together with the Madison Arts Commission, plans to establish street art in Madison with the purpose of arousing interest in science, engineering, technology, math, and the arts.

The collaborative project, Science to Street Art exhibition, aims to produce around five murals related to science. The said murals will be placed all over the city, especially in underprivileged areas that abound with ethical diversity.

During workshops that are to be held in September, UW-Madison scientists along with local and national street artists will create murals on the following themes: diversity in science, astrophysics, and molecular structure. The more money WID manages to collect, the more murals will be designed. At the moment, no precise number of murals that are to be created is known.

According to the executive director of WID’s Illuminating Discovery Hub, Ginger Ann Contreras, the Science to Street Art project is based on her own experiences as a person of color raised in Madison, as well as stories of other minorities and different cultural backgrounds that show their experiences in the western educational system. WID’s Illuminating Discovery Hub will launch the project.

Contreras stated that visual forms of art in many cultures represented an instrument for storytelling with the purpose of teaching.

The Science to Street Art project contains two segments. Firstly, public art is going to be authorized, composed, and painted by local scientists and artists. Secondly, the festival will include workshops combining the art and science-based educational program.

The ultimate goal is focusing attention on STEAM education, which combines science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and the arts, and arousing interest in the topic.

The festival will commence on October 9 and last through October 18. It will comprise outside science, as well as activities regarding street art.

Those who wish to participate in designing murals ought to apply with WID by July 22. In case you are interested, visit and fill in the application.

Artists who get picked out will get paid out an amount of up to $2,000 per mural.