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The Lone Star Tick sitting on the leaf

The Lone Star Tick Danger

The emergence of the lone star tick caused a disturbance in northern Wisconsin. It was previously revealed that this type of arachnid could cause an allergic reaction to red meat. It is worth noting that the habitat of Wisconsin is atypical for this tick. Moreover, these ticks continue to spread and alarm the public in Milwaukee. 

A local T.V. station reports that a tick was found near Eau Claire County. This type of arachnid got its name due to the white spot on the back of adult females. Although, these characteristics are almost invisible to the naked eye. Etymologists suggest that the lone star tick hit the territory of Wisconsin clinging to the body of a bird or some other animal.

This tick is known for being able to cause meat allergy in humans. That happens due to alpha-gallon carbohydrate, which is present in the body of cows, pigs, sheep, and other non-primates, but not in humans. The allergic reaction happens after alpha-gal carbohydrate enters the bloodstream and your body begins to produce an antibody response, which appears after eating red meat. Previously, reactions to lone star bites were rare; however, since 2009, the number of allergy cases has increased dramatically. 

Professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina, Scott Commins, argues that there are several possible causes for the increased incidence of allergies. It becomes apparent that the limits of the habitat of the lone star tick are growing and expanding. Besides, in recent years, the population in the suburbs is increasing due to the high cost of living. Residents of these areas are more prone to tick bites, which leads to an increase in allergic reactions. 

The resonance caused by these ticks in Wisconsin prompted many people who felt allergy symptoms to consult their doctors. It remains unclear how a tick bite leads to the allergy, but some believe that it is caused by the tick’s saliva. 

Scientists are working to identify whether there is a common protein or enzyme in these ticks that might be the cause of these allergies. 

Typical symptoms of allergy are urticaria (hives) and anaphylaxis (skin rash). Some other common symptoms may be gastric distress, vomiting, and diarrhea. Additionally, some patients also describe sharp stabbing pains.

Allergy symptoms do not manifest immediately, but several hours after eating red meat. Unfortunately, there is currently no antidote to this allergy, so if a lone star bites you, then the only thing you can do is remove red meat from your diet.

The good news is that eventually, the symptoms of these allergies will disappear.

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