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Not everyone can afford to attend school. However, the Foundation of the Wisconsin Dental Association helps future talented dentists.

This organization was founded in 1957 in collaboration with the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA). The purpose of the fund is to assist the residents of Wisconsin and their dental community through financial support.

We are pleased to announce that five dental students received financial support this year, while applicants for the fourth course received a grant of $2,500.

Another student received a $1,500 assistance, which is provided to married residents. In general, the fund has allocated 233,000 dollars in the form of scholarships for dental students and dentists since 2000, according to a press release. The funds were raised with donations from people and organizations.

The following students received scholarships: Amanda Beltrame, Hannah Bonikowske, Katelyn Kreh, Jessica Bogt, Shaina Zhao, and Jonathon Traska.

Student Biographies:

Beltrame said she had dreamed of becoming a dentist since she was eight years old. From early childhood, she visited dental clinics to monitor the work of dentists.

Bonikowske was always interested in the health care industry, but her interest in dentistry came to the fore. In the future, she dreams of working as a dentist in rural areas.

Kreh always cared about others, and therefore, chose a career as a dentist. Kreh plans to work at a public clinic in Milwaukee.

Bogt began her career as a technician at a pharmacy. She had worked there for 6 years, but she always wanted to help people with her own hands. She plans to work in a small community.

Zhao is a big fan of science and concern for others. Her whole family are dentists, so they approve of her passion. In the future, she would like to teach future dentists.

Traska is a respectable family man who is used to caring for five children as well as other people.

In addition to dental students, dental hygiene students also received degrees.

Many of these students also plan to do internships in Milwaukee.