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Car Registration Fees in The State of Wisconsin Are Rising

The citizens of Wisconsin will be charged more for their car registration on a yearly level and will suffer even more fees.

These changes are likely to happen in the upcoming October 2019. The fees that will be applied from this very date are part of the budget of the state for 2019–2020. Regarding title fees, they go from $69 to $165. For transferring the title in case of death of a spouse is going up to, and the price will be in-between $62 and $157.

Low-velocity vehicles are also implicit to these changes so that the same increase from $62 to $157 will be applied in their case.

On the other hand, annual car registration is going to grow from $75 to $85. Vehicles registered at less than eight thousand pounds are subject to these changes. Also, the yearlong expense for hybrid electric vehicles will be $74.

Vehicles produced after 1996 will be subject to emission tests, notably those kept in Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha, Washington, and Sheboygan counties. The test is mandatory to be done on a bi-annual basis, approximately at the same time when registration renewal takes place, or if the vehicle switch to another owner.

These tests are free of charge, but if your car doesn’t meet the criteria, you might have to be charged for making necessary repairs until it does.

Unlike other counties and states, Wisconsinites don’t have to have their vehicles undergo emission control.