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We Energies Investment in Badger Hollow Solar Farm in Western Wisconsin

The partnership between MGE and We Energies is a big step toward the transition to great use of renewable energy.

We Energies plan to invest $130 million in its first large scale utility solar project in Western Wisconsin by taking a share in spreading out over solar farm under development.

The utility based in Milwaukee said it would get hold of 100 MW in the Badger Hollow solar farm, west of Madison, Iowa county. 

Madison Gas and Electric Co will buy 50 megawatts and invest $65 million. The company jointly applied with the state Public Service Commission for confirmation to invest in the 300 MW solar system in the Badger Hollow farm.

Solar energy production will help MGE achieve the goal of carbon-free electricity until 2050 while also helping customers manage long term energy costs.

We Energies render its service to more than a million customers in Wisconsin. MGE produces and distributes electricity for about 150,000 customers from Dane County, as well those in seven Wisconsin and South-Central counties.

We Energies investment capital will work towards the agreement that the parent enterprise WEC energy group made to decrease the emission of carbon by 80% from 2005 to 2050.

Previously, the PSC accepted a request made by MG&E to purchase first 50 megawatts in the solar farm of Badger Hollow, and 100 megawatts to be bought by Wisconsin Public Service which is part of WEC Energy. 

In the initial stage, it is expected to produce electricity in 2020, the second stage in 2021.

The development of Badger Hollow is in the hands of Invenenergy, a private renewable energy company from Chicago.