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New Indoor Park in Waukesha

New Indoor Park in Waukesha by Urban Airs

Urban Adventure Park in Waukesha, which used to be a favorite place for movie amateurs, will soon be featuring new entertaining amenities like a trampoline, dodgeball, and rock climbing.

The works are still in process, but according to Urban Air officials, Vacated Gander Mountain will be converted before winter 2020. According to a preliminary business plan from Waukesha City Hall, the aim is to attract 14-year-olds and younger as well as their mothers aging from 25 to 54 who are looking for engaging activities for their children as well as fun for themselves. It’s an initial idea supported by press release as well as by officials, who suggest this kind of activities as a replacement for mobile devices, which often control kids’ attention.

Parents want their kids to get off their mobile devices. That gives them more time for play and socialization with other kids of their age. Families are searching for new ways to spend time together. The more movable activity, the more memorable and beneficial it is our their health, according to the words of Michael Browning, founder of Urban Air. 

Although Urban Air is often related to trampolines, the amusement park will be featuring obstacle rope course as well as play tubes. 

Park Indoor

According to the press, at Waukesha location, the visitors will be able to enjoy the “one of a kind” Indoor Coaster. Adults will also be able to use this entertainment space for private events and corporate meetings. 

The company Urban Air, located in Southlake, Texas, has provided renderings representing significantly remodeled interior as well as renovated storefront with many activity areas across the space of about 66,550 square feet. As a part of architectural review, the plans will be discussed on Sept. 11 by the commission for city planning.

The launching of Gander Mountain some ten years ago was important for redevelopment of the area after Marcus Theater closed the doors early in 2017. The property, hampered for a long time due to an oddly constructed service road, remained vacant since the sport goods outfitter revealed in 2018 they planned to replace Waukesha site for the Brookfield location. However, the Brookfield site still remains vacant.