Under ABOUT, I will write what Infinity is – a publishing co that prints YOUR stories. Currently it houses both The Ocean City Sun and The Philadelphia Evening Post bi-monthly print magazines.

Our Beginning

Infinity News Network originated as a thrilling fictional series published on the personal blog of INN co-founder Josh Kinney. Centered on a group of journalists that founded their own news organization known as ‘Infinity’ the series characters became wrapped up in an immense dramatic story. Inspired by writers like Stieg Larsson and Joel Rosenberg, the blog posts were simply created for pleasure, with no end point in mind and a very loose direction. It was somewhere between the 4th and 5th post when Kinney realized that the ‘Infinity series’ should become a reality. Together with the help of his best friend, techie, social media guru, news junkie and foodie Mark Walz (on whom the fictional ‘Infinity series’ character Marvin Walters is based) the two began creating the real ‘Infinity News Network.’

Our Identity

INN is an independent social news website and blog covering what’s driving and shaping the global conversation with an emphasis on technology, transparency and uprisings as well as activism and stories that would otherwise go unreported. Inspired by this new age of Internet Revolution and online media, Infinity saw the 2011 Egyptian revolution embody its emphasis.  On January 25th 2012, a year after the initial revolution, Infinity was born and officially launched on May Day 2012.

Our Mission

Infinity News Network is committed to providing the public with fascinating breaking news, thought-provoking as well as fun commentary, and original reporting. As a social media enabled news site, we invite visitors to more easily share and comment on stories using their various online profiles, or anonymously if they choose.

Our Future

Infinity’s goal is to establish a home base in Washington, D.C. and bring in reporters, writers and other talented like-minded folks. We’re tired of Red and Blue wars and interested in this new era of internet media and the ever so changing world of journalism. From a former generation that came from books with endings, we’re coming from the infinite internet that has only beginnings, with plans to hone in on what is essentially driving the global conversation.

Current Masthead

Josh M. Kinney – CEO, Co-Founder, Publisher & Executive Editor

Mark Walz, Jr – CTO, Co-Founder, Publisher, & Web Developer

Jason Worrell –  Online Editor and Contributor

Brianna Jones – Contributor and Blogger

Amanda Kate Winkelman  – Contributor