We want you.

Yea really, we do.

Do you like what you’re reading?  Do you want to be a part of Infinity?


We actually do not know any of these people, nor do we look like them, nor do we have a desk and fancy chairs...yet.

Well, we want to hire you, honestly we really do…but we can’t quite yet…  However, if you continue to share our stories, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and tell all of your friends about us, we’re bound to grow into a site that CAN hire you.  Infinity longs to build a solid team of passionate, talented and most of all, creative people.  And get this, we actually promise to respond to your inquires.  I know, crazy isn’t it?  But we will be committed to it.  Having been overlooked and underestimated ourselves, Infinity will have the courteous human respect to read every resume and writing sample and get back to you.

For now, you can still write for us.  We are accepting any freelancers who would be interested.  Whether you’re a journalism major looking for some experience and news/blog clips, an established writer or contributor or just someone with a good idea we would love to feature your story.

Email Us

Email us a copy of your resume, some samples of your writing, or both.

We’re open to story ideas and we want to hear yours.

Email us at Inquire@InfinityNewsNetwork.com

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