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Ad Guidelines

– Submit all creative and instructions to advertise@infinitynewsnetwork.com.

– .gif, .jpg, Rich Media and third-party ads accepted

– All sound must be user initiated by a click and include a mute/stop button

Flash Guidelines

– Each .swf file must be accompanied by a backup .gif or .jpg

– A new browser window must open with each click

– To correctly track clicks, all .swf files must have appropriate “clickTag” action script and must not be set up with a hard-coded click

– For more information about Flash requirements, please visit:


Online Ad Types


File Size


Leaderboards 728 x 90 60 k 30 seconds max
Small Squares 125 x 125 60 k 30 seconds max
Medium rectangles 300 x 250 60 k 30 seconds max

Ad Rates and Additional Advertising Opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to provide advertising rates as well as offer additional advertising opportunities including sponsorship. For more information, please call (202) 681-6397 or email advertise@infinitynewsnetwork.com.

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